October 6, 2023

MENOPAUSE – A transition to FREEDOM!

by Sinéad Hurley

Menopause is a gateway into a new phase of life as a woman’s body ends its child-bearing years and adjusts to lower hormone levels. Let’s not be fooled – this gateway can be challenging to get through – but when we do we can leave all the negativity of the past behind and embrace a new you.  There are various things that we can do to make this journey through the gateway of menopause somewhat easier.

First let’s look at the challenges that may lie ahead. During this journey some women experience symptoms such as hot flushes, heavy and irregular periods, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbances leading to extreme tiredness and emotional disturbances including depression, which can make this a very distressing time for you and your family members.  As difficult as this may seem, keep in mind that this is a natural occurrence in our body. Think of puberty – another natural process which affects the hormones, we need to see menopause similarly.  We must work with the body during the transition.  Giving the body the required support to move to the next phase.

Thankfully there are many therapies which can relieve these symptoms.  It makes since to use natural solutions to balance a natural occurrence in the body.  Homeopathy works with the body – to regain balance.  A visit to a homeopath will usually take approx 1hr:15min.  During this consultation the homeopath will ask questions about your mental, emotional and physical health and from this information will source a remedy that matches the symptoms described.  For example, if the main symptom of menopause is hot flushes – the questions asked may go like this.

Is there perspiration with the flush or is it a dry flush?

What part of the body is affected eg head, chest, whole body?

What time of the day or night do flushes occur, how frequent are the flushes?

What makes it better?

What makes it worse?

The answers to these questions will help the homeopath find a tailored remedy to suit the client’s needs.  When a well prescribed remedy is given the client will usually see results within a few days, whether it’s hot flushes, sleep issues or low mood.  Once there is ease in the symptoms and the body has found balance the remedy will only need to be taken should the symptoms return.

If you would like to ask more questions please avail of my FREE 15min telephone consultation which can be booked online at www.sineadhurley.com

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