Homeopathy with Sinéad Hurley

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine, which means that the whole person is treated. Those that choose to look at their health challenges with a more holistic view, (treating the body as one unit – as a whole) will realise that there is an obvious connection between your mental, emotional and physical health and when one of these is out of balance it can affect the others. When I see a client there is an exchange of energy – for the client there is an unravelling of thoughts, feelings, emotions etc that may be occupying much of their time. For me in the role of the homeopath, there is a deeper understanding of humanity and how traumas/life’s circumstances can effect each and every one of us differently. Over the past decade and more – there has been a lot of learning, healing and wonderful discussions.

Each client comes with their own rucksack of issues, traumas, past hurts etc. The opening of this rucksack is client led. Some may come to the door with the rucksack open already, more will have it closed tightly and will be slow to even let me see it. This is where trust comes in, trust has been described as perhaps the most important ingredient for the development and maintenance of happy, well-functioning relationships. For some, building trust can happen at the initial consultation, for others it may take a few visits. When this is established, we have the essentials required for healing.

“Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.” Sadhguru

Keeping my skills up to date is a vital component in my practice. The Irish society of Homeopaths, of which I’m a registered member, and the Irish School of Homeopathy, provide many post graduate courses to assist in gaining a deeper knowledge of supporting clients. Over the years I have delved deeper into fertility challenges, auto-immune diseases, menopause, childhood development concerns and intend to continue this deepening of understanding. In the words of Henry Ford – “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young”. In my opinion this is a good enough reason to stay learning!

An initial consultation can last between 1 and 1 ½ hours. During this consultation I will also offer a Qest Bio Energy scan which is included in the price. Also remember if you wish to discuss health challenges consider booking a FREE 15min telephone consultation.

How Homeopathy Works

Free 15 Minute Consultation

Consultation by phone

I just want to say thank you so much Sinèad, my daughter was having off the scale temper tantrums. She was extremely hard to calm down anything and everything was setting her off to the extent I was afraid to go out in public with her for fear she would have a melt down, I didn’t want to go down the route of sending her to Doctors to have my child branded as having some sort of disorder. So both myself and my daughter went to see Sinèad, where she asked me questions about her behaviour and also included my daughter in the conversation without her feeling like she was being grilled with questions. We were both put at ease and the improvement in my daughter was amazing! She is a much calmer child now and I highly recommend Sinéad and Homeopathic remedies.
Aishling O'Sullivan, Kerry
I brought my son to Sinead a few months ago. He had glue ear and was experiencing 60% loss of hearing in one ear and 40% in the other due to the amount of built up fluid in his ears. He was potentially facing surgery. I was scared for him, and as a last resort turned to Sinead. At his next ear appointment, they said that all the fluid had gone from his ears. I don’t believe that it was merely a coincidence. I was extremely surprised and impressed. I am very grateful to Sinead, thank you so much. I would highly recommend her services.
Charlie West, Kerry
My teenage son’s acne has improved dramatically ….. he is over the moon, he says he’s taking way more selfies now – awwww – Just brilliant!
Private Client, Kerry

Sinead has provided great support to me and my family over the years. A skilled professional, she has provided me with remedies to help with physical ailments, emotional issues and behavioural issues.

Highly recommended.

Sarah Durkin, Kerry