Putting care into healthcare

Putting care into healthcare

Homeopathic Remedies, Natural Fertility Specialist & Placenta Encapsulation

Homeopathic Remedies, Natural Fertility Specialist & Placenta Encapsulation

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I’m passionate about obtaining health in a natural way. This passion has sent me on a wonderful journey of discovery. Homeopathy came into my life initially when my daughter developed a severe chest infection. After seeking help from my GP it became obvious that the prescribed drugs were not improving her situation and she was starting to develop a reaction to the antibiotics prescribed. I had to look elsewhere, thankfully I stumbled upon homeopathy and I haven’t looked back since.

It was wonderful to see my daughters health improve so rapidly and not alone did it clear her chest infection but it also dealt with an ongoing issue she was having – named conjunctivitis. It became obvious to me then that homeopathy treats the whole being – mentally, emotionally and physically. Over the last decade I have been using homeopathy in our family home and have been privileged to treat many clients presenting with a variety of health conditions.

Having studied Homeopathy for four years with The Irish School of Homeopathy I graduated in 2012, from there I went on to setup my own practice in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. This practice has grown and has now a developed into a worldwide practice using the wonders of technology.

In 2016 I furthered my education by training in Placenta Encapsulation. Having met so many new Mums in my homeopathic practice, I could see the huge need for post-natal care and support. What better way of doing this than offering the placenta in a easy to take capsule as a specially formulated supplement for the new mother to take after the intense experience of labour.

My journey to date has fuelled my passion for natural healthcare. My mission is to empower others to take ownership of their health and open their minds to what our wonderful natural world has to offer.

In my clinic I regularly work with a range of health conditions and have a keen interest in post-natal care and childhood behavioural issues.

I specialise in Natural Fertility – getting pregnant naturally using homeopathy.

“My teenage son’s acne has improved dramatically ….. he is over the moon, he says he’s taking way more selfies now – awwww – Just brilliant!”

“Sinead has provided great support to me and my family over the years. A skilled professional, she has provided me with remedies to help with physical ailments, emotional issues and behavioural issues. Highly recommended.”

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